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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> good thursday morning to you. it's 4:30. >> lots to get to this morning. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura, scott, everybody at home. we've got a beautiful day shaping up today in the bay. temperatures are going to climb into the mid-60s at the coast. and we're talking about the 70s inland. this of course taking a live look at the bay bridge. i want to show you san jose, beautiful clear start. we do have low clouds overhead. i'm going to show you those in a bit via your satellite imagery. a little something for everyone. big warming, then big rain.
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right now here is mike inouye. >> big changes. we're looking toward 580 westbound. we have a couple of big signs, that's all right now. traffic flows smooth. looks like a lot of cars but for those who travel through livermore into dublin that's kind of standard. the map shows the same area. the arrow, our live camera around el charo. you see the yellow creeping up as more hit the road. you saw a smooth drive. we have westbound one lane blocked approaching north livermore and that causes adjustment but not a problem as far as speeds go. easy drive through the tri-valley. approaching the east shore freeway, 880, 580 smooth up to the maze. a live look into the south bay shows you san jose. north 101 a great flow of traffic. not a great amount, just nice speed. we'll show you a bigger view coming un. >> thank you. it's 4:31. a surprising development in the
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brian stone case. nbc learned that two men charged with beating the giants fan outside dodger stadium may announce a plea deal in court later this morning. peggy bunker is here to explain what we know so far. >> good morning. the two men charged with beating giants fan bryan stow in 2011 may enter pleas in court today. nbc has learned that if they make a plea deal both men would plead guilty. as part of the deal sanchez might get eight years and norvin to four years. stow will not be in court. he is struggling with his recovery. he is unable to travel. his family released a statement yesterday saying that brian's recovery is holding steady. he suffers seizures and complications after being sucker punched by the men back in 2011. stow fell so hard on the pavement it caused brain damage. stow a father of 2 turned 45.
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any final decision about a plea deal would be made in the l.a. courtroom later this morning. we have a crew at the courthouse and one on the way to santa cruz for reaction. we'll have those reports in about 30 minutes. >> thanks so much, peggy. meantime, a neighborhood in sunnyville coming together in hopes of warding off an arsonist who hit the same house more than once. the house south of el camino real has been set on fire three times in the past two years. the latest happened last week and spread to homes around it. the arsonist first struck in 2012 when the family was on vacation. the next two happened while the home was being rebuilt. one neighbor wants to know why the family is being targeted and says she is taking action now in case the attacks are not over. >> we're going to put motion detectors, i think we're all trying to ban together and see if we can scare this person away. >> fire investigators told neighbors they do not think any one else is at risk. the family is considering
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selling instead of rebuilding again. >> 24 santa clara county and rural metro ambulance employees are out of jobs this morning after they got recertification cards without taking the necessary training. we first told you about this story earlier this morning. the company spokesman says the workers admitted to breaching company policy by buying cards from an instructor. >> appears as though the training that we would expect them to have gone through was not completed and that there was financial transactions completed to get a cpr card. >> in a statement union reps say they were surprised and disappointed with what they call harsh and premature action taken by rural metro. we're waiting to find out what punishment if any the instructor faces. >> take a look at these. possibly someone in the bay area waking up $425 million richer this morning.
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we know where the powerball ticket was purchased -- milpitas. here are the numbers, 1, 17, 35, 49, 54, with the powerball number of 34. >> the winning ticket was sold at chevron food mart near dixon landing road. christie smith is at that chevron right now. christie, buy me a ticket. >> too late. >> reporter: i did, i tried. but it wasn't me but i tell you, whoever won this, if they are to show up here at the chevron station they would be in for a hero's welcome. there are nine television trucks here, basically every spot taken up by reporters trying to find out who had the incredible fortune to be able to turn a $2 ticket into a $425 million powerball jackpot which is what happened to someone overnight. that ticket was sold at the dixon landing chevron here in milpitas as you said 17, 49, 54,
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35, 1, with the powerball 34. we know it was sold here in the past couple days, shoppers of course nervously checking those tickets. >> we did buy tickets. i don't know if he bought it here. we'll see. >> i may be the next millionaire. >> are you suspicious your friend bought the tickets and doesn't need you any more? >> he better not do that. i know where he lives. i'll hunt him down. >> reporter: the owner of this store gets $1 million just for selling the ticket. his name mr. sing. still waiting word from 44 other jurisdiction there are other winners. the closest office, though, to claim the ticket is in hayward. i checked in with a gentleman inside working. he said he hasn't heard from anyone but he is tired because the phone keeps ringing off the hook. reporting live in milpitas, christie smith, "today in the
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bay." >> this is the second time, right, that the south bay has sold a massive winning ticket in the past few months. back in december a truck driver in northern california bought a winning ticket at jenny's gift shop on tully road in san jose. there is the owner of the store, he was very happy because he gets $1 million. the lottery winner split the $648 million prize with a woman in georgia. now our coverage of the winter olympics from sochi as we take you out to the beautiful mountains. plenty of events under way there right now. all eyes here in the bay area will be on the young olympian san jose's polina edmunds. she'll hit the ice again for the free skate competition. >> so the mitty high school sophomore in seventh place starting at 7:00 this morning she and 23 others hit the ice
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trying to get a cut of that gold medal. >> in her short performance yesterday, polina skated beautifully. she said her goal was to skate cleanly and she did. analysts say her routine lacked a bit of the speed to get her on the higher of the leader board there. of the 15-year-old, she had nerves but you certainly couldn't tell. >> i was kind of thinking like when they announced my name i smile, my position in the middle so i was standing and i was telling myself to enjoy it because no matter what happens i'm at the olympics. >> good for her. edmunds will need help getting on the podium. she is about 14 points behind the leader yuna kim. >> she really was a breath of fresh air out there. she had the bright yellow costume, her music is upbeat which helps. and she's not afraid to show the personality out there. so you know, i think that's a special quality that polina has.
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it will be really fun to watch this grow and develop over the next few years. >> american gracie gold is in fourth and ashley wagner in sixth. >> we have a special polina edmunds page on our website pictures of her and performances and raw video of her training and remember, you'll be able to watch her skate in prime time right here on nbc bay area. polina not the only american going for gold today. u.s. women's hockey taking on canada. we're going to hear from team usa coming up in about 15 minutes. >> a check of your thursday forecast this morning and christina loren, yes, good morning. >> good morning to you. temperatures are a little on the chilly side this morning. it's clear out there. except for my throat. now it's clear. 47 degrees on the peninsula. east bay at 43. later today we hit the upper 60s to low 70s. 71 in the east bay for today. wherever you're headed we have a
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good looking week shaping up. the next couple days comfortable. the weekend looks good. saturday into sunday we're talking about the 70s. sunday into monday things start to change. temperatures will stay steady. clouds increasing, then that rain. we really need it. it's not going to move in until about wednesday. i want to show you what's on the way to the bay area. we're going to get drenched next week. but enjoy the 70s before this comes in. i'll time out the full forecast, we'll talk more about this and what it means to tahoe coming up. let's check your drive. here is mike inouye. >> we turned our camera in fremont over toward the mission boulevard off ramp and the warren off ramp. they share part of the roadway. you see the flashing lights through the tree, the closure because mission boulevard is closed going on for another 20 minutes or so. road work tonight and tomorrow and the next couple days. they continue the bart to san jose work there. southbound 880 passing by mission boulevard, that was a live shot looking longingly at
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the end of milpitas. that's my chevron where they bought the ticket. i didn't buy it this week. i'll be here covering the south bay for the foreseeable future. 680 and 880, we'll look at the north bay as well with san rafael southbound 101, a nice easy drive. folks making their way from petaluma, santa rosa through novato and san rafael. >> you know mike, the powerball winner not the only one waking up rich. near $20 billion deal making history. >> fallout for the miami dolphins. two big names are out for their connection with locker room bullying.
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>> >> an update on developing news in ukraine. more people have died in kiev despite a truce when the president and protesters. the health ministry says the number of dead is up to 28. nearly 300 have been injured. overnight protesters threw fire bombs at police in independence square. police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas.
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the protests began three months ago after the president shelved an agreement with the european union in favor of closer ties with russia. >> san jose mayor chuck reed is set to give his final state of the city address tonight. mayor reed will inform residents, businesses and organizations about the issues and opportunities facing the city this year. mayor reed's son alex will introduce his father in his final address. the event will be at the mchenry convention center at 6:30. >> people who drive or walk along ralston avenue will talk about how dangerous the road is tonight. about 35,000 people use the four-mile stretch between 101 and 280 every day and a lot of them say they are worried about the number of crashes on the road. the sidewalks are too narrow and the bike paths don't meet current standards. 700 people signed a petition urging the council to fix the issue. they meet tonight. >> it's the richest deal in
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silicon valley history. facebook spending $19 billion an service what'sapp. the two that started it lets users chat with contacts and send text and pictures and videos over the web. it's free for the first year and a dollar after that. it has 450 million users, a million people sign up every day. mostly outside the united states. facebook likely wanted it for the audience of teens and young adult who is don't want to pay all of the rates for texting and other services. the $19 billion comes with a risk that cell phone users catch on. >> it looks on paper to be a money machine. like anything if you make a ton of money and making it because you are stealing from the carriers, and the carriers, you got to figure they are going to fix this. >> so $19 billion. we spotted empty champagne bottle at the office yesterday. the company only employs 50 people so it was a small
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celebration for a very big deal. here's perspective for you. facebook paid 16 times more for what's app than it did for instagram. google expanding its google fiber net connection to the south bay so san jose and cupertino and a number of cities get mega fast internet. we'll turn to seema mody. good morning. >> scott, good morning. futures lower after wednesday with a nasdaq snapping its eight-day winning streak. investors shrugged off a disappointing report on new home construction chalking up to bad weather. following the release of minutes from january's fed meeting shows some think it might be -- might be soon -- might soon be excuse me, time to start raising interest rates. look out for data on unemployment and consumer prices as well as earnings from walmart that could be a market mover. the dow falling 89, the nasdaq 34 to close at 4237.
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gas will boost wages for store workers to $10 an hour. the retailer in the bay area says the move will affect about 65,000 employees. last week president obama signed an executive order raising the federal wage for contract workers and encouraged private employers to do the same. google plans to expand its high speed internet service to 34 cities across eight states including palo alto, mountain view, sunnyville and santa clara in an effort to compete with cable and phone companies. the company says google fiber is 100 times faster than other broadband services. back to you. >> thank you. your internet can never be too fast. >> exactly. remember dial-up. >> i do. >> time to check, dial up, christina loren. >> you got mail. 43 degrees in the east bay. 49 degrees in san francisco, 37 in the north bay. we're starting out okay and
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yeah, for all of you postal delivery people out there, men and women, put it on your radar. we have a major storm system moving our way next week. so we're talking about rain chances starting next wednesday, all the way through monday of the following week. which is why i want to tell you about this warming trend. your weather story here at the bottom of the screen. 65 in san francisco, 71 in the east bay. we'll see a little cloud cover this morning. we're seeing that but for the most part not a lot of fog. sun rise is at 6:54 this morning. as we head through this afternoon, sunshine, that warming trend begins, then by tonight the low clouds will come right back by about 6:00. the breeze picks up, sun sets at 5:53. so longer days and a warm-up. our temperatures are going to creep up through sunday. i want to tell that story via the peninsula. these are temperatures toward 71 degrees on saturday. 72 degrees on sunday. and then everything changes as we get into next week. let me show you what we're
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working with. i stop that clock for you wednesday at 4:00 a.m. and i really want to bring this to your attention. as you know we're in a drought and we need this rain. once this system comes through and the two behind it, we are going to take a good chunk out of that deficit. everything times out just right. stop that clock at 10:00 p.m. on wednesday, lots of rain coming our way. we continue that clock, stop it again for you. saturday into sunday. the storm systems keep coming and we keep that storm window open at least through tuesday of next week. that's looking good. we'll keep you updated. back to you, scott and laura. >> thanks so much. in a few hours the national transportation safety board will begin an all-day hearing on the ups plane crash in alabama last august. federal investigators say pilot fatigue may be one of the possible factors in the crash that killed both the pilot and the copilot. they say the pilots' shift started 9:00 p.m. the previous day. it slammed into a hillside as it was trying to land eight hours
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later in birmingham. >> new fallout from the miami dolphins. following the nfl investigation into the team's bull egg. the dolphins front office fired offensive line coach jim turner and head athletic trainer kevin o'neill in response to an nfl investigation. the report from the nfl found richie incognito and two teammates harassed former player jonathan martin along with another lineman and assistant trainer. it said turner and o'neill did nothing to stop the bullying and even took part. >> the alameda county sheriff's office will use dogs to patrol oracle arena during warrior games. the arena announced the new security yesterday. a spokesperson says the canine sweeps will become an important part of the arena's safety plan. >> still ahead "today in the bay," we're gearing up for gold. we're going to hear from team usa about taking on its rival canada in women's hockey coming up next. >> here is our look at 880, fast
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arena you see flashing lights, one for getting off the freeway. no incidents on the freeway. we're checking reports to see if there is anything of note on the surface streets. someone getting pulled over. bad way to start the day.
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and back to the olympics, more coverage from sochi. you are looking at the beautiful olympic flame burning bright
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this morning. not too far from where this cauldron sits the u.s. women's hockey team preparing to go for gold at the arena. four years of training leads to this one moment for the u.s. women. in a couple hours team usa, team canada, here they go. >> every gold medal game since women's hockey debuted in the 1998 olympics has come down to u.s. and canada. canada won the past three including gold four years ago in vancouver. the american women say the past does not matter. >> this is our moment. it's not to think about what happened in the past. now it's our turn to try to earn a gold medal. >> we worked four years for this one moment. 60 minutes of hockey for us to achieve our dreams. >> that's right. let's do it! two teams played earlier, canada winning 3-2. >> you can see the gold medal game here on our coverage starts at 9:00 a.m.
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it will be u.s. versus canada in men's hockey, though not for the gold medal. this is just the semifinal. so only one team moves ahead. that said, it is the marquee match-up of the game. the two teams squared off last winter olympics in vancouver. that was the gold medal match. the canadian squad won that by one point in overtime. >> from the ice to the slopes, maddie bowman will go for the gold in a new free style half-pipe. qualifications and finals will be today. the women's half-pipe one of the events airing on -- in prime time tonight on nbc bay area. we also have gold medal finals in ladies figure skating and the men's free style ski cross. >> there are lots of people on ski week in the south bay. so traffic may be lighter this week. >> you know, we have been expecting. that we did see lighter for tuesday, then wednesday came and we had slowdowns all over so
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kind of soup to nuts. the bay bridge toll plaza we had a report of a car with both doors open. i think someone was looking for more cash to pay the toll. that happens when you look for the change under the seats. smooth approaching the maze. coming across from the north bay no problems, through the north bay an easy flow including 37 between novato and vallejo. antioch, no real slowing but a blip, that yellow is just starting. back to you. >> still ahead, new developments in the high profile case of injured giants fan bryan stow. what we learned about a possible plea deal for the suspects, it's coming up in a live report. >> and we're going to take you live to sochi, san jose's own po lee fla ed muds takes the ice for a shot at the podium. we'll have a live report. ing yo. it's knowing beyond a doubt "you got this"... it's keeping your head down, your eye on the ball, and knocking it out of the park...
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nearly three years after giants fan bryan stow was brutally beaten outside of dodger stadium, possible
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closure. the two men accused of attacking the south bay paramedic back in court where they are expected to take a plea deal. >> plus, new violence in the you crane overnight. how it's impacting the olympics hours ago one competitor at the olympics dropped out of competition in support of these protesters. we'll tell you what we learned. >> and good morning to you. we're starting without a little bit of low cloud cover. not a lot. today we warm you up into the 70s. beach weather returns and then we get hammered by rain. lots to go over in your full forecast. >> including some folks going over the san mateo bridge which moves smoothly on the east bay side. a crash on the peninsula. we'll talk about where that is and what connectors that might affect coming up. >> let's take a live look outside this morning. golden gate bridge, folks making their way across the span. it's thursday, february 20th, this is "today in the bay."


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